Joining a CSA

Last week, I belonged to a community supported agriculture program. My friends went away and were kind enough to give me their share of food. I was in vegetarian heaven. The day I received my share, an article popped into my RSS feed telling ways to make the most of a CSA.  I was ready to go.

My CSA bounty

My CSA bounty

A CSA is a community of people who support a farm by paying a certain amount in advance to cover costs and receive crops throughout the growing season.

My share, which is delivered every two weeks, had 10 ears of corn, two eggplants, 5 squash and zucchini, six cucumbers, a large bag of tomatoes, a bag of snap peas and a bunch each of basil and arugula.

With it, I made bruschetta; Sweet Chili Marinated Cucumber Salad; black bean, corn and zucchini enchiladas; stir fry and various salads and roasted vegetables.

Soon the food will run out, and I’ll be back to reality. Area green markets are done for the season, so I will be stuck with store-bought food. I used the CSA gift as a test-run for possibly being a part of the program, something I have wanted to do for a few years.

Every time I get fresh, local produce it is much better tasting. I am looking into the summer session, which runs for 12 weeks, as a way to see if it’s something I would use on a longer basis.

If you are interested in learning more about farmer’s markets, CSAs, co-ops and other food alternatives in your area, check out Local Harvest.

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  3. What a blessing to be able to try out a CSA like that! I think you should jump in with both feet. If you’ve done the research and you know you’re dealing with a quality CSA program, you wont regret it.

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