Meatless Monday participation

I love Mondays! I don’t work a regular Monday-Friday shift, so it isn’t the beginning of the week for me. And it’s Meatless Monday.

I’ve written about Meatless Monday this year, including a favorite vegetarian recipe. But I’m wondering how many other people love Meatless Monday.

The movement is gaining popularity across the nation. It’s great to see restaurants clear some menu space on Mondays for meatless options and have specials on meat-free dishes. Even meat-loving Mario Batali offers vegetarian options Mondays at his restaurants!

No matter one’s motive for giving up meat at least once a week, I think it’s great. Fewer animals are harmed, less land is stressed and people are healthier; it’s win-win in my opinion.

All the recipes that come across my Google Reader and Twitter feeds on Mondays get me excited for vegetarian food. It’s a popular topic among vegetarians I know and follow, but I began to wonder what effect Meatless Monday has on meat eaters.

Do you take part in Meatless Monday? Why (not)? Is it mostly a day for those who are already meat-free?

3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday participation

  1. Everyday is meatless monday for me! I love when others figure out that not every meal has to include meat

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