Happy American Craft Beer Week

Weekend’s over. Time to put away your infused vodka and grab a nice, cold beer for American Craft Beer Week!

Enjoying a Hofbrau Oktoberfest at Epcot on my birthday

It’s no secret I love beer, and this week is for us. American Craft Beer Week is called the Mother of all Beer Weeks on the Brewers Association’s craft beer site.

Since 2006, craft beer has had a week dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of small and independent craft brewers. For the first time this year there are official events offered in all 50 states! State-by-state and South Florida events are going on this week.

When I just want to grab an everyday beer, I reach for Yuengling. But I also love sampling unique, complex and interesting beers.

When new seasonal brews are released or I spot a limited-edition beer on the store shelf, my eyes light up like I’m looking through my Christmas stocking. When I hear about upcoming releases or a beer that is new to the area I keep an eye out for it. I have some breweries I know and trust and will grab a new beer of theirs when I see it. I’m lucky enough to live near a store that carries a large selection of beers and offers mix-and-match six packs, something I enjoy taking advantage of.

I would consider myself a beer enthusiast, up for trying new and different beers and always wanting to learn more. I learn by following people, companies and blogs on Twitter. I’m always looking for a new great beer. I know what styles I like (pale ales, fall seasonals and German beers among others) but am looking to learn more and try new beers.

When I read about Untappd, a social networking site for beer lovers, I joined right away. It is a great place to track what beers I’ve had and write notes about the beer. And when I put a beer on my “tab,” the site suggests three similar beers. I can put beers I want to try on a wish list. I love the site and recommend it if you want to keep track of beers and connect with friends doing the same.

I really encourage anyone who likes beer to try a new craft beer this week to celebrate. You might find your new favorite beer. Cheers!

What is your favorite beer (any kind or style)? What makes you try a new beer?

2 thoughts on “Happy American Craft Beer Week

  1. Not a big fan of beer, but Im trying to learn. SO far I dont mind wheat white beers on a really hot day

    • I know different drinks are an acquired taste. You might like hefeweizens. For lighter beers, I like Avery White Rascal or Sea Dog Blue Paw, if those are available to you in Canada.

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