What I’m into now: Baked tofu

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Baked tofu

Being a vegetarian for 15 years, I’ve eaten my share of tofu prepared many ways. However, when making it at home I seem to stick to frying or broiling it.

While those methods are great (frying in stir fry and broiling with marinade for a tasty sandwich), I wanted to give baked tofu a try.

The other day I baked it, and it was incredible. So I got some more tofu, marinated it in chipotle hot sauce, and baked that. It was chewy and spicy and awesome. My mind started racing with the possibilities of flavors and uses. The chipotle-marinated tofu was more a snack than a meal because it didn’t last long. Whoops.

And I happened across a blog post for crunchy tofu sticks, so I had to try it. This was a great way to try my new fave, baked tofu, in a favorite style, baked breaded foods. I am a fan of baked breaded appetizers made healthier. The tofu sticks were a great recipe on a cute blog I will revisit.

Baked tofu sticks | Recipe | KaleAndAle.com

Baked tofu sticks topped with honey mustard, baked zucchini chips and tomatoes with basil.

Baking tofu is super-simple (in fact, I just pop some tofu in when I already have the oven on):

Baked tofu

Drain a block of tofu. Wrap it in a lot of paper towels. Set on a plate with another plate and heavy object on top (I use a can of vegetables) to drain the liquid for about 15 minutes.

Cut into desired pieces (the bigger the piece, the longer it will take to bake to desired amount). Put tofu in a bowl with enough marinade to cover (vinaigrette, hot sauce, spices, soy sauce, oil, etc.) and let marinate as long as desired (30 minutes to overnight, depending on intensity).

Preheat your oven to 350Ā° and put the tofu on a baking sheet with cooking spray on it. Cook from 20 minutes to an hour, until it’s baked to your liking, flipping every 10-15 minutes to bake evenly.

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  5. I recently decided to try veganism, but I have NO idea how to prepare tofu! This sounds like a tasty yet simple recipe that even I can handle, and I think I’ll try it soon. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by. As I said in the post, cut it and marinate it and either sautee/stir fry or broil for about 10 minutes is great, too! Tofu is great because it picks up whatever flavors you marinate it in.
      And good luck with veganism.

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