September is National Mushroom Month!

And, as a vegetarian, this is big news. That’s because mushrooms are known for umami, which is the fifth basic taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Umami is a savory or meaty taste, making mushrooms an ideal meat substitute.

Mushrooms are known for being a good source of B vitamins, fiber and potassium, among other health benefits.

To kick off a month honoring the fantastic fungi, I’m sharing my favorite mushroom appetizer. Not only is it small bites with big taste, but this was a dish Bill made for me not long after we started dating. Knowing my love for mushrooms, he asked his mom for this recipe and almost ten years later I still love this treat.

Don't last long, I love them!

Because I’ve made this recipe a lot, there aren’t exact measurements, and I can’t remember the exact original recipe to begin with. The following is a general starting point for a snack size of six mushroom caps per person. Medium to large mushrooms are easier to work with.

Love you mushroom caps appetizer/snack

Wash mushrooms. Remove the stems and chop. Place in a bowl with about a tablespoon each chopped onion and grated Parmesan cheese. Add a little garlic or pepper to taste, if you wish. Add about a tablespoon melted butter. Stir everything together. Fill mushroom caps, packing the filling in tightly. Spoon a little over the top. (Even doing this, you probably won’t use all the filling. If you have crusty bread, you can put it on there.) Broil for ten minutes.

Fresh Mushrooms is a good resource to learn more and get recipes and Veg News has a basic list for different types of mushrooms and recipes.

Mushrooms seem to be a love-or-hate food. How do you feel about mushrooms and how do you use them?