Trying Veggie Xpress food truck

Yeah, veggie goodness!

I had been anxiously awaiting what I believe is South Florida’s second food truck that doesn’t serve meat, Veggie Xpress.  Veggie Xpress recently took to the streets, serving fresh vegetarian and vegan seasonal food. (The first truck was Mac’n Food, a vegan truck serving comfort food. If there are other meat-free trucks in South Florida I’m not aware of, please let me know!)

When I heard Veggie Xpress would be near me, I made a point to try it Sunday at a food truck gathering at Bedner’s farmer market (an awesome place itself!) west of Boynton Beach.

My friend Kim and I met at Bedner’s and walked around the market, having a blast looking at all the fresh, local food. Places like this make me feel like a kid in a candy store, so many possibilities of food I love that I’m almost overwhelmed with excitement and possibilities. After we circled the store three times to figure out what to buy and paid for our food, we went outside to survey the food trucks.

I knew what I wanted and Kim (not a vegetarian) decided to eat at Veggie Xpress as well! I went with “Thanksgiving in a Wrap” featuring pumpkin-infused hummus, wild and brown rice, fresh stuffing, salad greens and cranberry sauce in a wrap. It was awesome, and something I might think about re-creating at home. It really did capture the flavors of a vegan Thanksgiving and all the flavors worked well together. Kim got a vegan grilled cheese sandwich (a bold choice for a meat-eater!) with fig jam, tomato and basil. She really enjoyed it. And we tried a dessert of bite-size treats made of almond butter, organic brown rice cereal, agave nectar, powdered soy milk and coconut oil. They were very good and sweet and a great treat on a warm day.

Thanksgiving in a Wrap

Vegan grilled cheese sandwich

We talked with the husband and wife team who run the truck, and they were very friendly. Based in Hollywood, the truck seems to do a great job covering Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, so no matter where you are they are bound to be in your neighborhood sooner or later.

In addition to special-diet food trucks, I’ve found many trucks accommodate a variety of diets or are willing to make something off the menu if they have the food available, if you ask.

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