Happy holidays!

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating your holiday of choice and that it was full of great food, drinks and people.

I always use the holidays as a chance to make food I love but don’t often make, or to try food I haven’t made for one reason or another. Christmas day was no exception. Bill and I spent the day eating, drinking, hanging out and watching movies.

While making dinner, I made Christmas drinks for Bill and me: Amaretto and cranberry juice with a lime wedge. Perfect drink that is a great balance of nutty, tart and refreshing.

For dinner, we had a seitan roast stuffed with leeks and mushrooms to rival any tofurkey I’ve had and a colorful variety of vegetable sides: mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli with soy bacon, and raw butternut squash salad with cranberry dressing.

I skipped dessert and decided to make a snack for later, spinach artichoke dip in my small slow cooker and warm spiked cider in my large slow cooker.

In addition to a lot of great coffee-, food- and drink-themed gifts from my family and friends, I received from Bill a book I have had my eye on the past month, The Tipsy Vegan, which brings together food and drink into easy and delicious sounding recipes. I already want to try almost every one, and I’m sure many recipes, results and pictures will show up on this blog.

Hope you all are having a great holiday! What wonderful memories did you make or things did you eat, drink, give or receive this holiday season?