Wrapping up dinner

Kale wraps and filled croissants

Kale has quickly become my favorite green during the past year but I usually use it in kale chips and, if there is any left over, salads. Already a fan of lettuce-as-a-bun for burgers, I wanted to use the heartier kale leaves as a wrap for an awesome filling. When I found the lime-spiked black bean and quinoa kale wraps (superfoods galore!), it was calling my name.

Essentially it’s Tex-Mex flavors and fillings  of black beans, rice, carrots and avocado wrapped in a kale leaf (in a style like sushi). It’s a super tasty and light-yet-filling meal (especially since it’s hard to stop eating them and I ate way too many!).

To compliment it, I made brie and apple tarts. The recipe called for puff pastry, but after my success with croissant desserts, I knew it would be just as tasty and easier to use croissants. Just unfold the croissants, add slices of brie and tart apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and roll up. Bake as directed on the package. Be sure to tuck the pointy ends in so no brie oozes out. Sacrebleu!

And with that, dinner’s a wrap!

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