Weekend at Disney World

Living in south Florida, I try to take advantage of all the state has to offer. But one place I haven’t spent much time is Disney. Since we were already planning to meet friends from the north there, we decided to take advantage of Florida resident discounts. We got a ticket that would allow us to park hop that we can use again in the future.

It was a pretty quick tour, but in a day and a half we hit Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios and a quick stop at Downtown Disney. It was a quick overview of all the parks, but we plan to spend more time in the future checking them all out.

I didn’t really take many pictures, but created memories with friends who have spent a lot of time at Disney. They knew the ins and outs and how to make the most of our limited time, where to stop for food and drink¬† and tips for using our passes in the future.

We went to Epcot, where I had various drinks around the world, including a michelada in Mexico made with Tecate, tomato juice, salt and a lime; sake in Japan; and an Oktoberfest beer in Germany. I spotted frozen drinks I hope to try when it’s warmer (it was a cool, rainy day).

From bottom: michelada, blood orange margarita, tequila flight, margarita flight

We went to a sit-down hibachi restaurant in Japan and, when told I was vegetarian, two people (including the manager) came over to ask what I do and do not eat and make sure I was comfortable. I was really impressed by that, and that fact alone makes me willing to spend the time and money at a restaurant with table service at Disney in the future.

One of our final stops was to Downtown Disney to Babycakes, a vegan bakery I love. This is my second time at Babycakes, the first was in Rockaway Beach, New York, at their summer shop.

Love the look of this box!

I’m not a huge doughnut fan, but I saw the cookie-topped doughnut so I gave it a try, and couldn’t pass up a lemon cupcake. The food is so good and it’s great knowing it is all free of animals (and other things for those with allergies).

From top left: Cookie doughnut, lemon cupcake, toasted coconut doughnut

Where is your favorite place to eat or drink at Disney? Since we don’t know the area well and will be back, I would love to know the can’t-miss spots!

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