My February 29: One More Disney Day

To celebrate that extra day we get every four years, Disney decided to open Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland for One More Disney Day from 6 a.m. February 29 to 6 a.m. March 1. Since this had never been done and I have a pass, I checked it out.

I figured since it was the middle of the week and the middle of the night it would be pretty relaxing and a different atmosphere. And that’s where I underestimated people’s love and dedication to Disney.

It wasn’t like the one time I went in the summer, but it’s not the out-of-season midweek trips I’m used to. In fact, as I was heading to Magic Kingdom at 9 p.m. (along with everyone else as the other parks closed) I was worried it might get to capacity before I got there from what I was hearing a photo I saw. It wasn’t crazy getting in but it was busy inside the park. Everyone was lined up all up Main Street for the Electrical Parade. I grabbed a spot at the castle and watched it with the visual display and upbeat song on repeat. It really was great.

View from the castle

Then I walked to some rides and that’s where the craziness really began. There were people everywhere. People were still in the park from the day, people were coming in just for the night, it was crazy. But it was fun to be a part of that, and it was following a full day at Hollywood Studios and Epcot. In total I hit three parks in 14 hours.

But how do you fuel such a trip? With a solid breakfast. And I did that by hitting up Babycakes at Downtown Disney. If you are a regular to the blog, you know I’m becoming a big fan of this vegan bakery, and it’s a must-stop on every trip to Disney (and New York, it’s home base). I got the amazing waffle sandwich filled with frosting and cookie crunch and topped with maple and vanilla sauce. So good, yet so sugary. (Pro tip: Don’t go on Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror right after eating this. Trust me.) I also got a slice of banana chocolate chip loaf, which was actually better because it was a perfect balance of bread and sweetness.

Such a good way to start the day: Waffle sandwich and banana chocolate chip loaf.

Later in the day I hit up La Cava del Tequila in Epcot’s Mexico Pavillion. This is becoming another can’t-miss spot on any trip to Disney. I wanted an afternoon snack and drink. I got an avocado marg (so creamy and satisfying, like drinking guacamole but in a really good way!) and some chips and salsa. The salsa is more of a sauce, but has a kick to it and they give you a big plate of chips. Aaaaand it was free since I follow them on Twitter (@cavadeltequila). Great way to rest and recharge on a long, hot day.

From top: Classic margarita, chips and salsa, avocado margarita.

Another spot I have to visit each trip is the Germany Pavillion, where I grabbed a pretzel, Altenmünster Oktoberfest and a German peanut snack with a hard cheesy and spice coating, NicNac’s.

Pretzel, beer and NicNac’s

While on the trip I hit up two breweries, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse the first night, where I had dinner and sampled some beers. About 10 minutes east of Disney, it is a cross between Cheesecake Factory (for the food) and Rock Bottom (for the drinks). Good food and good beer. While at Disney I tried the sampler from Big River Grille and Brewing Works. The beer was decent but the food choice and atmosphere were just ok. If you want to check out one of these, my vote is for BJ’s.

It was a quick trip to Disney, but I successfully packed a lot in.

How did you spend your extra day this year?

9 thoughts on “My February 29: One More Disney Day

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  2. I went to Magic Kingdom from 11:30pm until 3:30am on the 29th/30th. I was very surprised to see how crowded it was. I wrote about it in my own blog. Had a great time! Looks like you did too!

  3. That sounds like such a fun night! I think it’s great that Babycakes is at Downtown Disney. I hope they’ll eventually put a location in at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. With people from all over the world visiting the parks, I’d love to see them offer a wider variety of foods for people who aren’t interested in typical amusement park fare. An avocado margarita? I’d never heard of such a thing, but it sounds wonderful!

    • The avocado margarita is really good, like a (tequila) smoothie. From you posts and tastes, I think you would like it.
      I’m actually (happily) surprised Disney seems accommodating for special diets. I went to a sit-down restaurant in Epcot six weeks ago and the manager came over to speak to me about my dietary needs when he heard I was vegetarian. And Babycakes is always a must!

      • That’s great that the chef was so thorough at Epcot. From what I’ve read, it seems like DisneyWorld does a much better job than Disneyland at accommodating special diets. There are a few options at Disneyland, but not a ton.

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