Accidental pub mix

I had very good intentions of making a healthy, filling trail mix. I have been a fan of trail mixes as long as I’ve been a vegetarian. In high school my mom got me into making trail mixes as a healthy snack to keep with me on my long, active days of tennis tournaments and matches and cheerleading for wrestling tournaments and meets. I love making trail mixes and taking them to work. They last a long time and keep me away from the vending machines.

So I thought about what I already had for the mix at home and grabbed a few other foods to throw in. I went home, set out my supplies I had settled with and mixed them all together in a big bowl. I took a handful of mix and ate it. Right away I realized it wasn’t like most trail mixes. I left out the usual dried fruit and had replaces it with some salty and savory treats. Then it hit me. I hadn’t made trail mix, I accidentally made pub mix.

My mix: peanuts, pepitas, almonds, corn crackers and cheddar crackers

Without realizing it, I had made a very similar treat to that you find yourself snacking on at your favorite bar, that salty little treat that keeps you coming back to the beer to stay quenched. And it was pretty darn tasty!

Ingredients for my mix. Can you tell where I shop?

There were no real measurements, I just eyed what looked good and the ratios I would like. In my mix I put roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), peanuts, smoked almonds, cheddar crackers and some corn nut chip things that were on clearance. The point is to pick a variety of salty and savory crunchy snacks. I looked for sesame sticks but couldn’t find them. Pretzels, Melba toast or — for a kick — wasabi peas would also be a nice addition.

So this snack didn’t turn out to be the health food I set out to make, but it was a nice, salty and crunchy change of pace.

What can’t-leave-out item would you put into your pub mix?


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