What’s for dinner? Check these sites

Stumped as to what to make for dinner? Sometimes I get stuck when planning my weekly meals. I have a few resources I turn to for help, and thought I would pass them along to you.

Visual bookmarks

I always start at Pinterest, as I bookmark a lot of recipes I would realistically make with foods I eat and have around. It is a visual bookmarking site, so I just click on my food boards and look at pictures until something inspires me. Follow me on Pinterest!

Work with what you have

There are a bunch of sites that let you tell what you what you already have and it makes a meal out of it. I haven’t used My Fridge Food much but like what I’ve seen. There are a lot of similar sites, including Supercook and Recipe Puppy, which is an ingredent-based search engine, so it searches many sites.

And you know I wouldn’t leave out after-dinner drinks. At Extratasty and the Esquire magazine drinks page you tag the ingredients you have and they tell you what drinks you can make.

Specific foods

If you have one specific food in mind — maybe you have a craving for it or maybe you have a lot or it’s going bad — there are some places to find inspiration. I love the New York Times Recipes for Health series, and they break it down by ingredients. The Farm Box Diet is a 411 for CSA info and have recipes broken down by common foods you would get from a farm. The Washington Post has a nice recipe finder where you can search by type of food, put in a search or click if you want it fast, kid-friendly, meatless and/or healthy.

What’s in season now, anyway?

To get the best taste and value in a food, it’s best to eat in season. But how do you know what’s in season? Epicurious has a nice map where you pick your state and the month, and tells you what is in season and has a link to recipes. And Cooking Light has a list of food broken down by season.

What is your solution on when you are stuck what to make?