Fried green tomatoes

I love tomatoes. Growing up, my mother grew them and they tasted great fresh out of the garden. So deep in flavor and juicy. And living in Florida, I’m lucky enough to enjoy almost year-round fresh tomatoes and have been exposed to many great heirloom varieties courtesy of my CSA.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have had an heirloom tomato, please make an effort to try some. They are unlike tomatoes at the average store and are really picked at the peak of freshness. To learn more, listen to the secret to a great tomato flavor podcast or check some popular heirloom tomato varieties. I’m a fan of the deeper purple tomatoes, as they are more meaty and have a richer flavor.

I ordered some green tomatoes with the idea of frying them in my cast-iron skillet. This is simple, quick and a tasty side dish.

If you have seen me fry anything or read my posts, you know I’m all about the mise en place (prep work handy within reach). So I cut the tomatoes to my desired thickness and salted them to sweat them out a little, then patted them dry. As you can see, I didn’t use some tomatoes in time and they started to become green-red. I put the tomatoes through (from left) brown flour with chipotle, an egg and cornmeal.

Then I put the tomato slices into hot oil and friend until golden brown on each side. I blotted them with napkins to get rid of excess oil and put them on the cooling rack to dry without getting soggy on the bottom.


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