Vegetarian sausage

I love creating homemade mock meats, so when I saw a recipe for Vegetarian Boudin Sausage on a blog I love (The Chubby Vegetarian) I had to make it.

I have made this recipe a few times and make extras because it freezes so well (not that it lasts long). It is so good and gets moisture, texture and taste from sun-dried tomatoes, rice and spices.

I even made two other variations, substituting equal parts portobello mushroom or eggplant for the tomatoes. But you need to get as much moisture out of the vegetable, so I would suggest dehydrating or baking in the oven to remove some of the moisture in the vegetable. And to add some flavor to the mushroom or eggplant, I added a few drops of liquid smoke.

This recipe is so good and flavorful, doesn’t take a lot of effort (especially since you probably will want to make it in bulk and freeze it) and is better than any store-bought vegetarian sausage.

The Chubby Vegetarian’s Vegetarian Boudin Sausage