Buffalo potato ‘wings’

potatobakeThese Buffalo potato ‘wings’ are incredible. It has some of my favorite foods: hot sauce, potatoes and cheese. And not a lot more. When I saw this dish, I said aloud, “Why didn’t I think of this?!?!” I would be jealous I didn’t think of it, but my mouth was drooling and my mind was racing about what ingredients I needed and how fast could I make this.

Other than baking for more than an hour to get the potatoes cooked through, this is a crazy easy dish to make, using very common ingredients. I used half russet potato and half sweet potato. I wouldn’t change a thing about this recipe and the people I have shared it with that I know are into hot foods (yes, there is a group of us at work who bring spicy foods for one another to try) have saved the recipe to make in the future.

This miiiight be slightly better/more addictive than my breaded tofu wing bites.

Two other Buffalo-inspired dishes I plan to make soon include the spicy Buffalo cauliflower wings and these tofu hot wings.

Are you into hot foods? What is your favorite spicy vegetarian dish? If it doesn’t bring heat to my face or tears to my eyes, it’s just not hot enough!

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  2. I have a collection of hot sauces in my fridge – I think there are five or six. Plus powdered cayenne, dried chilies, and shichimi togarashi in the cupboard. Sometimes all it takes to make a good dish great is a dash of something spicy.

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