Trying Miami’s Mushaboom food truck

mushaboom truck

This weekend was the 7th Annual Yoga Day in downtown West Palm Beach. Although I didn’t partake in the yoga since I had to work, I did partake in the healthy eating part of the event. Several food trucks were at the event, including one I love, Veggie Xpress, and one I have wanted to try, Mushaboom, a vegan food truck based in Miami.

mushaboom foodWhen I saw the chickpea Parm burger on the menu, I knew I had to seek out this food truck. So when I saw they were going to the yoga event, I made a point to have lunch here before work. All the burgers look great, but I was intrigued by the chickpea Parmigiana. How would it taste? So I ordered that and a side of mushroom kebabs. I was very surprised how good this tasted, and how much it actually reminded me of what might be chicken or certainly an eggplant parm-type meal.

The burger is a chickpea patty with marinara and melted Daiya mozzarella. I hadn’t had Daiya, a popular vegan cheese, but I was very surprised how good it tasted and how stringy it was, melting and holding together as well as any mozzarella. And the patty was really good, not overly flavorful, but not bland. It was good. So good that I kept trying to dissect the burger to see how they made it stick together and what else might be in the patty so I could try to make it at home. The marinara sauce was light and fresh. I was really pleased with the sandwich, and the mushrooms (it is called Mushaboom after all, and they are one of my favorite foods) were seasoned and grilled great, adding a nice balance to the burger.

I want to try the other burgers, as I love to compare homemade black bean patties and I’m in love with falafel, but that will have to be another trip. I’m not sure how often Mushaboom travels this far north, but a great way to track this truck and any other is to follow them on Facebook or Twitter. I will be back and am excited to have tried another vegan food truck on the South Florida scene.