My CSA returns

CSA week 1 kaleandale.comI am so giddy. My vegetables are back! The farm I belong to started the Community Supported Agriculture program again. These farm veggies are my (dirt) candy, and I am addicted.

I just feel like I don’t eat as many veggies in the summer, so it’s a relief to have it in the fall/winter/spring. The produce doesn’t look or taste as good, it’s so much work to try to think of creative meals or new produce to try, so I stick to the same old, same old. But already as you can see the colors of my very first delivery are so vibrant and varied.

I was so excited, I washed my veggies, roasted some of them for pasta and wraps later in the week and, while the vegetables were in the oven, made a salad for lunch tomorrow. I don’t even know what I”m going to do with the roasted butternut squash but I’ll figure out something. Possibilities? Endless! Roasted veggies CSA