Duluth craft beer bus tour

Enjoying my first beer of the day, at Bent Paddle in Duluth

Enjoying my first beer of the day, at Bent Paddle in Duluth

After 10 weeks in my new home, I went on my first road trip, only I didn’t need to do any driving! I had previously heard about a daylong organized bus tour to breweries in Duluth. Since it was an organized craft beer tour to a place I had never been yet known for craft beer, I jumped at the chance. And I’m pleased to say, the Get Knit North Shore Brewery Tour and our hosts Shannon and Nick did not disappoint.

Here is a snapshot of my trip about 2/3 through the day before my phone died:

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For $109, you get transportation and 13 hours of well-organized entertainment. The day starts with coffee and a light breakfast as you travel the two hours to Duluth. A hearty lunch and dinner, snacks and water are included, as is plenty of beer at each of the six stops.

Since I had never been north of the Twin Cities, I staked out a prime viewing spot on the bus. And it was near the front, which I quickly realized was good because 1) It was far from the bathroom, and 2) You get off the bus and into the brewery quickly.

There were six stops, so I won’t review them all. But I will mention the stops and why this tour was worth a full day and $109.

First, the stops (in order):

And why it’s worth your time:

  • The tour is very well organized
  • You stop all around Duluth (and a bonus with Castle Danger about 40 minutes north)
  • The breweries vary widely in size, years in existence, reason for getting started and goals
  • The food and snacks are included
  • Duluth is an up-and-coming beer scene, according to this article, and after visiting, I agree with the points mentioned
  • It’s fun to meet the people who make the beer and love drinking quality beer
  • Great scenery
  • You don’t need to drive but you can enjoy a beer on the bus!

As of right now, there are 5 spots left for April. I would snag the April or May trip if you can! Register here.

I’m already planning a trip to Duluth when (if?) the snow is gone. Are there any spots I have to visit? They don’t have to be beer related, but I’m already going to try to get some Castle Danger brew when I’m up there.