Working Little G’s pizza food truck

Enjoying my own creation from Little G's Pizza

Enjoying my own creation from Little G’s Pizza

I had the opportunity to make a pizza of my own at Little G’s Mobile Pizzeria, a wood-fired pizza food truck based in the Twin Cities. Inside the food truck. My own pizza. And it was a great time.

You read that right. Seems pretty random, right? Well, it came about pretty randomly.

A hard cider-loving friend and I went to the cider tap room Sociable Cider Werks. It was hopping, standing-room only (and rightfully so—check it out!). A nice group of two couples invited us to join their large table since we were standing with coats, drinks and purses near them. Minnesota nice, right?! And one of them was related to the person who runs the food truck that was there that day. Yes, Little G himself!

Little G (Johnny Goral) stopped at our table and we chatted with him. I mentioned I would love to peek inside the truck, and he invited me in to make a pizza of my own. What? Yes, that JUST happened! I took him up on that offer, hopped in the truck and went to town. When I saw they have a Reuben-style pizza, I made a vegetarian version. They didn’t have mushrooms that day, so really it was onions, peppers and sauerkraut with 1,000 Island dressing, but it was still good to me (I’m not sure if the rest of the table agreed).

So many toppings Johnny G's

So many toppings

Topping my own pizza Johnny G's

Topping my own pizza

Cooking in the wood-fire oven Johnny G's

Cooking in the wood-fire oven

I got to push my pizza into the wood-fire oven. I’ve never used a wood-fire oven, but I love how quickly it bakes and creates a crunchy yet chewy crust and bubbly cheese top. I pulled the pizza out, let it cool a minute and cut it. The 10-inch masterpiece was mine! And I made it myself.

This pizza is the real deal as far as food truck wood-fired pizza goes. I am a huge fan of this pizza, and not just because I made it myself. Thanks for letting me try my hand at this, Johnny!