My week in review

I know it’s not a very exciting blog post, but I have had a lot of interesting things come up this week, that I thought I would share them here ahead of sitting down and writing some better blog posts I’ve been meaning to share. Still off my high of my mom and grandma visiting me in Minnesota for the first time since I moved here, some other fun things happened this week:

First, my CSA starts in 10 days! Culinary Delights Farm can not deliver my food to me fast enough! (And remember, if you ever want to find a CSA, market or produce stand in your area, visit Local Harvest.)

I tried (and fell in love with) a new food truck this week: O’Cheeze. They make unique, gourmet grilled cheese, and I added a cup of ┬átasty, homemade soup on a cold day for only $2 more!


Portobello grilled cheese and tomato soup, great on a cool summer day!

I realized I’m running the July 4th 8k I ran last year, so I got into a running routine this week, the first time I’ve been serious since I moved. That is the kind of motivation I need to run. Although I love it, it’s so easy to slack off. I’m excited for the run, but my lungs and legs are not. I’m thinking of making some kind of Pinterest-inspired shirt for the race. Anyone have suggestions or luck with any such thing?

Not mine, an idea I found on Pinterest.

What fabulous things have you done this week?

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