My First Minnesota State Fair: Preparation

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Caught up in the excitement surrounding the Minnesota State Fair, I decided to buy advance tickets. The lure of the social media links and people around me buzzing about the fair and asking if I am going was too strong that I have to see for myself what everyone is talking about.

I have only been to one fair once, the Iowa State Fair four years ago. It was fun but at the time I thought I was good if I don’t go to a fair for a long time. Since this is the summer of trying new things in Minnesota, and the state fair is in the capitol city of St. Paul (much closer than Des Moines to my hometown Cedar Rapids in Iowa) I decided what the heck. I plan to go on a weekday so there will be fewer people, but I’m expecting it will still be a crazy mess.

Because I’m a planner and like to maximize my time so I don’t miss anything, I have amassed some resources in my state fair prep. Since this is my first time at the fair, please let me know in the comments what I can’t miss or other links that might be helpful. I know many people have written about preview food, but since much of that isn’t vegetarian, I’m not linking to it here. I’ve broken down the best information I’ve found into beer, food (vegetarian and vegan) and other.


Growler Magazine has put out a great guide to beer at the fair, telling about new beers and what beer can be found where, including a map and list. I personally am very excited for the Maple Island Brewing Two Headed Goose Sourdough Pretzel.

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild will present the “Land of 10,000 Beers” craft beer hall exhibition talking about the history of craft beer in the state and how the beer industry is in the state. Also, there are flights featuring many different breweries that aren’t available in the Twin Cities, and tickets for the flights can be bought in advance.


There is a Minnesota State Fair food finder. When I put “vegetarian” into the search, I got 10 results, but I have a suspicion this might only be places that use the word vegetarian in their description of what they serve. (Can anyone confirm this?)

Also, Twitter user @TofuPunk has complied a nice map and guide of vegan options at the fair.


Regarding getting to the fair, I’m a big fan of Metro Transit, so I plan to go to a Park and Ride (especially since I can park close to my home and use my unlimited monthly pass), but there are also shuttle services available.

I am looking forward to the prize-winning produce, but other than that, I don’t know a lot about the actual attractions and what is a must-see for a first-timer and what can be missed if there isn’t time for it all.

Any suggestions for a first-time Minnesota State Fair goer or links you would add to this list? I will be back soon to report my findings and share my state fair tips!


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