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Once you start getting into craft beer, going to bars that have a good (hopefully rotating) selection of brews, or following bars and resources on social media, you will become aware of craft beer events, festivals, tastings and release events. At these events, you are likely to see the same types of people and happenings. It’s often so expected and cliché, you might become surprised when you don’t see it.

I recently wrote about going to Surly Darkness Day, and this weekend I went to the largest Surly tap takeover ever, 36 taps of Surly! Being a beer I really like being held close enough where I could bike, these have been exciting events for me.


These types of events bring out all kinds of people. This is awesome, as everyone is in a different place for craft beer or has a different reason to love it. Some people are curious and new to the scene, some come to get rare beers (as is the case for me at the tap takeover), some just like a good party. The reason for everyone is different, but the goal is to have a good time and enjoy a drink or two. I’m the type of person who seeks out new beers, so I’ve been to an event or two in my day. And since I love watching people and am curious and detail oriented, I’ve noticed some similarities in all the events.

Kale and Ale Beer Bingo

With that, I have with the help of my friend Kim, also a craft beer event fan, put together a bingo card that can be used at craft beer events and festivals. Click the card below and you will be taken to 16 Bingo cards where the words (think: pretzel necklace, person wearing unironic beer shirt, baby in stroller or hanging from parent) are in different boxes. If you use this, let me know how it goes over and how accurate it was (or feel free in the comments below to suggest more/new/different words to add).

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4 thoughts on “Craft Beer Events Bingo

  1. Hahah, love it! I could be accused of either “snob” or “clueless” depending on what kind of mood I am in…sometimes I just want to drink ones that sound good, and other times I really want to think about the style I’m drinking.

    • I know, thanks for your keen eye on such a topic. Summit brewery in St. Paul had a state fair bingo card at its stand this year, and it was amusing.

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