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A selection of my cookbooks.

As much as I love recipe creation and experimenting in the kitchen, I also love trying recipes from established cookbook authors, as they are solid recipes of different flavor profiles than I might typically cook.

This is why I’m starting a new series focusing on cookbook reviews. Some will be new releases, some might be well-worn and loved cookbooks. Stay tuned, I have a cookbook giveaway planned soon and will share recipes in the cookbooks. Sign up for the Kale and Ale┬ánewsletter to stay updated.

Meantime, check out “11 New Vegetarian (and Veg-Friendly!) Cookbooks to Check Out Now” from Oh My Veggies.

Are you a cookbook/recipe loyalist or do you wing it in the kitchen? What is your favorite cookbook?

If you have any cookbooks you would like to see reviewed, post a comment below or email me at about it. If you have review copies of cookbooks you would like me to review, please contact

4 thoughts on “New Series: Cookbook Reviews

  1. My favorite cookbooks are by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. In particular, I recommend Isa Does It. Tasty, interesting but familiar, healthy but decadent — it’s amazing! Oops, I just read the previous comment and I realize I’m a little redundant. ­čÖé

  2. I’m looking forward to your new series! I have quite the overflowing cupboard of cookbooks, and new ones are popping up all the time. I like your idea to cover both new and old cookbooks. If you like Ethiopian food, Teff Love is mind blowingly good, and of course, Isa Does It is consistently on point.

    • Thanks, Cadry! Everything I’ve had from Isa is excellent. I’m looking forward to revisiting cookbooks I might not have opened in too long.

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