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“Kale and Ale” and KaleAndAle.com and social media with that name (referred to going forward as Kale And Ale) are created and operated by Valerie Dennis. The views and opinions expressed on Kale And Ale are those of Valerie Dennis or the guest author of the blog post, as made clear in the blog posting. Valerie is not a health expert, scientist, nutritionist or the like. The information on Kale And Ale is for entertainment purposes only; it is one woman’s experiences for a healthy and fit lifestyle, while taking time to enjoy everything in moderation.

I work very hard to provide you with up-to-date information but I make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, products, services or related graphics contained on Kale And Ale. Information may have changed since a post or page on Kale And Ale was published or updated and, while I try to update information as I see needed, I cannot guarantee accuracy after publishing. If you find inaccurate information, please contact me at Valerie [at] KaleAndAle [dot] come, and I will update with the most current information.

You are reading and commenting on this blog on your own free will. Comments are moderated to prevent spam and language not allowed on this website (including swearing and harassment based on the judgement of Valerie Dennis). I really do hope to help people with this blog and inspire conversations on a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. Please contact me to continue the conversation.


This site is intended for all audiences, but some content includes alcohol. Readers use this site with the understanding it is only lawful to consume, use and buy alcohol in the U.S. if you are 21 years or older.

The only information collected on this website is email addresses if the reader signs up on his or her free will to receive alerts or notifications. Addresses and any other information are not saved or used at any time, and won’t be shared with a third party.


Unless otherwise noted, Valerie Dennis and Kale And Ale are the legal copyright (©) holder of all (written, multimedia and graphic) material on this website. KaleAndAle.com was started in 2011 as valeriepassonno.wordpress.com and continues today at KaleAndAle.com.

Content from either site may not be used, reprinted, (partially) modified or published without written consent. You may not pass off information on this site as your own or make money. You may contact me at Valerie@KaleAndAle.com if you would like to gain permission to use anything on the site, including photos or recipes, and the original source must be linked to. You may mention something from this site (i.e., a title of a blog post or describe a photo) with a link to the original source.

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There will be times on this blog where products are sent free of charge for review, given for giveaways or where affiliate links will be published. It will be clearly noted in such instances, and free products or the opportunity to make money on a product does not change the honest views of Valerie and Kale And Ale. Those views may change over time, but special treatment will not be given to anyone for the opportunity to receive or make money on merchandise.

Eligibility in giveaways will be clearly defined in the post about the contest, including residence, age requirements, how to receive a chance to win, and the timeframe to enter and claim a prize. Winners will be picked at random using a third-party host (such as Rafflecopter) who picks winners at random. Valerie and Kale and Ale cannot be held responsible for when or condition winner may receive prize when it’s mailed from the sponsor but will work with sponsor in good faith. Those who choose to enter do so in an honest way, which includes using real name and following stated rules. Any taxes or fees from a winning are the responsibility of the winner. If there are questions, please ask before entering an event.

Kale And Ale is not responsible for the actions of advertisers or sponsors, but works to provide advertisers and sponsors that Valerie believes in and would use herself.

Anything on this page may be updated and always available for people to read. This page was last updated Oct. 31, 2015.

In the end, this blog is meant for enjoyment, so let’s keep this space full of positive qi.

Thank you,

Valerie Dennis, Kale And Ale

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