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Note: This isn’t a lifestyle post, per se. However, as a lifestyle blogger and professional in the communications field, I’m sharing this for the many other bloggers and communications professionals in my personal sphere. If this isn’t you but you’re into information, I hope this is helpful. Let me know if this type of post is OK in the comments below.

A longtime occasional listener of podcasts, following the popularity of Serial a few years ago solidified my interest. I started to expand what I listened to. Now, so many outlets and bloggers are podcasting, that it’s easy to find something based on your interests.

To listen more effectively, I had to organize my podcasts. I tried a few different things, but I’ve found using the Stitcher radio app to work best for me. I can listen on mobile or desktop and can easily subscribe, search for new and popular content and listen with an easy interface and experience. Below, you can see my desktop setup and some podcasts I follow.

Stitcher Radio app desktop | Kale and Ale

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As a communications professional, I really enjoy podcasts about learning, business, technology, news and marketing or social media. My goal listening to podcasts is to learn something new in one of those fields, and the below podcasts all fit that bill. The podcasts I listen to and why I listen, broken into communications and news, include:

Communications Podcasts

The Science of Social MediaActionable insights you can implement right away, with topics about changes in social media that are timely.

Social ProsFind out how different companies and businesses are achieving results through social media.

Social Media MarketingFrom the people behind the popular Social Media Examiner website, this podcast looks at social media and marketing tips and success stories.

Being BossAimed at creative freelancers, it covers a variety of topics on how to handle being a freelancer, what to expect and how to succeed.

News Podcasts

Radiolab: Radiolab is more difficult to describe that it feels it should be. It’s about science, but so much more than that, mixing news, fact and everything about us and going on around us.

Serial: Serial is a serialized story, going over different themes or aspects with deep investigative reporting on a topic that isn’t finished or closed.

Freakonomics RadioBased off the books of the same name, the podcast tells us about ourselves and why things are the way they are.

TED Radio HourBased off those engaging and thought-provoking TEDTalks we have all watched, each episode is a person talking about a topic. Sure to expand your mind.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Pop culture news, discussions, interviews and information in a fun, relaxed format that makes you feel like you are part of the conversation.

How I Built This: A look at how people built the success they have today.

This American LifeEach episode has a theme of something in the news currently, with different angles and stories within the episode that give a very human face to the discussion.

Did you find this helpful or do you have a podcast to suggest? Leave a note in comments below. I plan to write a post about blogs I follow; list any you enjoy.

Friday Links

We have made it to the end of a short work week! It’s officially “summer” season up here in Minnesota, but I know for many of you it’s very warm and has been so for a while. What wonderful things are you doing this week? I’m going to visit my family in Iowa.

Speaking of, I went to Decorah, Iowa, last weekend; look for a blog recap soon. On the way home I checked out Forager Brewing Company in Rochester, Minnesota. Such a cool space, it has lots of little spaces, rooms and nooks, with all kinds of decor, food and beer styles. I posted a picture on my Instagram. (Follow me at Kale and Ale if you are on IG!)

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Speaking of, if you are looking for new drinks, I’m hosting a giveaway of a copy of “Wild Drinks and Cocktails,” so enter by Monday! Enter for your chance to win here. Even if you don’t win, check out the recipe for the Claret Cup.

I love running in different locations and races that are on new routes. As the article “9 Best Places to Run in the U.S.” states, running while traveling is great because it’s a way to sight see, feel like a local and work up an appetite for new restaurants and food. I really couldn’t agree more. While I haven’t run any of these places, I’ve walked or been near a few, and can agree these are good locations. What is the best place you have run?

Do you love food trucks and live in the Twin Cities? Here are a handful of food trucks to watch and visit in the Twin Cities in 2016, including a juice and smoothie truck, a sushi-burrito truck, and food served out of a Winnebago.


Friday links

Timely, for college grads and a lot of adults I know: 11 Cooking Skills Every College Grad Should Master. Even I skimp out on number two, which is probably terrible since I have a food blog. What one (or two, three, etc.) do you most need to work on? Share it in the comments below.

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Worth a mention: 19 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians in Minneapolis and St. Paul. What is your favorite or one you are really looking forward to checking out?

” Paying attention to food’s relationship with nature and humanity allows us to connect with each other on a very fundamental level.” That’s how one writer describes food’s relationship beyond just nourishing our bodies. I believe this concept so much, and as one who loves the stories behind things and anthropology, food gives me both. This is such an important concept and reminder. Read how cooking documentaries (and the meals we make) are about life.

And have you heard about the Delray Beach, Florida, brewery that made edible rings for the six packs? I’m sure you have since my two biggest reader demographics are South Floridians and beer drinkers, but just in case. Saltwater Brewery created an edible beer ring to help sea animals stay safe. My heart is so warm to read this, I see it as a win-win for all involved. Watch the very well done video about it.

Saltwater Brewery “Edible Six Pack Rings” from We Believers on Vimeo.


Friday Links


Don’t throw away that liquid, save it for the hot food aquafaba. Flickr photo by Robyn Anderson

You are reading the blog soon to be renamed Aquafaba and Ale. Don’t you like the alliteration? Just kidding, but since many sources cite kale is on the way out and aquafaba seems to be the hot new food, I thought it was a fun thought. What is aquafaba, you ask? Simply put, the cooking liquid of beans. Read about aquafaba here. It’s popular in the news this week, heralded as the new vegan wonderfood:

This past weekend I planted my garden and containers.

Garden 2016 Containers | Kale and Ale

Read about my 2016 garden, a guide to regrowing fruits and vegetables from scrapes and tips for first-time gardeners.

This paragraph contains Amazon Affiliate links. Other than that, I’ve been reading books like crazy. I just met with my book club and we discussed “The Book of the Unknown Americans,” but I also just finished “Taking the Stage” and started “Adventures for Your Soul.” I joined Goodreads (follow me on Goodreads) to keep track of my books to read. What are you reading?

Prince for all creatures


Outside First Avenue in Minneapolis on Friday morning, April 22

Yesterday we lost a very important person: Prince. Best known as a singer, he was always a proud resident of the Twin Cities and someone who didn’t let people or things define him. But to me the thing that always stuck our most was his commitment to and compassion for animals.

I remember in the 90s when I hadn’t been vegetarian long and I learned Prince was vegan. Already inspiring for taking risks and being his funky, confident self, he also has a strong love for all animals. He is either the first or one of the earliest celebrities who I realized makes this lifestyle important, even as he has certain demands and expectations placed upon him as a worldwide figure. And he always appeared to hold true to his convictions, which I admire.

Read a tribute to him that PETA, an organization he worked with, posted yesterday.

Listening to the local radio stations yesterday and reading social media, it’s clear Prince has left an impact on people locally and around the world. what lasting impression has Prince left for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.