Prince for all creatures


Outside First Avenue in Minneapolis on Friday morning, April 22

Yesterday we lost a very important person: Prince. Best known as a singer, he was always a proud resident of the Twin Cities and someone who didn’t let people or things define him. But to me the thing that always stuck our most was his commitment to and compassion for animals.

I remember in the 90s when I hadn’t been vegetarian long and I learned Prince was vegan. Already inspiring for taking risks and being his funky, confident self, he also has a strong love for all animals. He is either the first or one of the earliest celebrities who I realized makes this lifestyle important, even as he has certain demands and expectations placed upon him as a worldwide figure. And he always appeared to hold true to his convictions, which I admire.

Read a tribute to him that PETA, an organization he worked with, posted yesterday.

Listening to the local radio stations yesterday and reading social media, it’s clear Prince has left an impact on people locally and around the world. what lasting impression has Prince left for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Friday Links

There are lots of good reads this week! What have you been reading? Since there’s a lot to cover, let’s dive right in.

With a name like “Farm to Fable,” you know it can’t be good. Spoiler: It’s pretty appalling, and sometimes scary, what restaurants are doing, serving and saying about the food they serve. It’s a long, engrossing read by the Tampa Bay Times worth your time if you care about food or integrity.

To counter this, imagine a sustainable home garden. A guide on Active shows you how to get started with a garden in your yard. Talk about my happy place; how amazing would that be?

RELATED: Tips for planning and growing your garden and what to expect when joining a community supported agriculture (CSA) program

The Washington Post has this food video satirizing a genre of lazy social media shares: The quick food video. As the article points out, it’s high on processed food and light on technical details. I see these ALL. THE. TIME. and wonder how many people actually make what they are sharing on social media?!? What is your stance on this, I would really love to hear in the comments. Watch the mock video below.


Grilled cheese tips | Kale and Ale

National Grilled Cheese Day was this week, and my guest blogger and boyfriend Aaron shares tips and tricks for the perfect grilled cheese. Um, yum. Trust me, these are no-fail, dressed-to-impress tips. Did you celebrate the special day? If so, how?

Thug Kitchen Party Grub review | Kale and Ale

And this week I posted my first cookbook review, Thug Kitchen’s Party Grub. Check it out and find a recipe from the book. Be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter, the next cookbook review also features a giveaway!

Friday Links


Is it patio season yet? Thinking back to Britt's Pub last May.

Hello! Sunday was amazing (think drinking and reading in the sun) and then it snowed and hovered around freezing. Oh, Minnesota spring. Hopefully those days are fewer and farther between (because baseball and patio weather, please!). It’s supposed to be nice this weekend and I plan to explore St. Paul, the Twin City that I don’t spend enough time in and fall in love with every time I go. (Also, if you are in the area, don’t forget the Lowertown Pop art and maker event!)

What are your weekend plans?

12 Pro Techinques Every Serious Home Cook Should Know

The Growler magazine does a blind-tasting of 53 Minnesota IPAs. Swoon. Read what they think and let me know in the comments your thoughts. (Related: Anyone not in the Midwest want to do a beer swap?)

I’m getting pretty obsessed in a good way with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar (ACV). I use coconut oil as lip balm and body oil, and did my first ACV hair rinse treatment (similar to this apple cider vinegar hair rinse from Coconuts and Kettleballs). How do you use these products and what else can I try?

And this week I made an easy DIY beer swag piece of art for all my coasters and stickers I collect!

DIY beer swag art | Kale and Ale

Friday links

Good news: We made it to spring! Bad news: This has been the coldest (and for some the snowiest) week we’ve had in a month or so. But, spring!

Also it was #NationalPuppyDay on Wednesday and Sunday is Easter, so I present puppy bunnies:

What I’m Eating

Eggplant Parmesan dip, and too much of it! It’s crazy tasting and comforting and doesn’t have much hands-on cooking time.

What I’m Reading

Zucchini spaghetti | Kale and Ale

Zucchini spaghetti

Vegetable noodles video: I love the veggie noodles idea, especially when the zucchini shows up by the bagful in my CSA share, but I don’t have a spiralizer. I would like one. Do I need one? No. Do I have space for one more gadget? Probably not. Plus, my trick is to use my mandolin. Watch this video from PopSugar and see how to make veggie noodles without the spiralizer and see my recipes for no-spiralizer veggie noodles:

30-minute meals: Many of my meals are 45 minutes, tops. But it’s always a great idea to be able to search visually for recipes that are quick and healthy. This New York Times gallery fits those criteria. I haven’t made a NYT recipes I didn’t enjoy, so be sure and keep this page handy.

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

Book club: I recently joined my first book club, which had its first get together this week. It was a fun way to read something I might not normally read (like this month’s book, “Brain on Fire”) and meet people in my neighborhood. What have you been reading recently or have you read anything good that would work well for a book club format?

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