Redefining Perfect

Woman place | Kale and Ale

Recently spotted at Mad Modern furniture. It took all my will not to buy it.

I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I do set a lot of personal goals for myself. I love to see growth and character building through new adventures and accomplishments. Yet I find myself constantly redefining what success means, and it feels it’s been tested a lot this year.

Some might read this post as an excuse for not tending to my blog as I would like. To me, this post is about the importance of personal health and discovering the healthy balance in life.

I know I can be pretty Type A and wound tight. I love marking things off a robust to-do list. Yet I’m reminding myself a little more forcefully and often that crossing things out on a slip of paper isn’t the end goal. Living in the moment is. And often that means that times when I want to finish a blog post, I leave my computer off and focus on friends, family and myself.

It helps that I have a strong support system, can more easily and often see my family, am working Monday to Friday during the day for the first job in my life. Not everything is perfect or how I would choose it to be, but that’s life. And I’m accepting it more every day.

Kitchen dry out | Kale and Ale

My kitchen last week. Only difference now is the loud, hot blowers and driers aren’t there. Neither is the kitchen sink (still).

All aspects of life have been busy this year, and something has to give. Even this past week or so (when my first unplanned house issue with plumbing and water damage has come up) I’ve been asking myself what is the bare minimum that needs to he done today, and the blog certainly doesn’t fit in there. This year has been busy at work and the summer doesn’t look to slow down.

People have said I handle pressure well. My many years as a front page designer for a daily paper that can have a lot of crazy stories has taught me that to meet deadlines and move forward, I can only work with what I have in the present time. Sometimes that’s bare minimum, and I have to figure out what that is. But stressing about it isn’t productive. I take one thing at a time, and can’t control the rest.

While I use this blog to better myself and express myself to others, it will be on the backburner this summer as I rediscover myself.

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Note: While I’m in a good place mentally, I need time to not be so stressed out and focus on the non-blog items in my life right now. However, if you yourself feel overwhelmed, sad or worse, please seek help. is one resource.