Friday links

Full of holiday and year-end stories today. What will you be eating during the holidays in the next week or so?

The year in food

Healthy holiday snacks  and holiday foods to avoid and eat instead

Or a little less healthy, the New York Times curated a holiday dessert pinboard.

And looking ahead:  South Florida Beer Week is coming!

And again, if you follow me or know me, you know I love comedian Aziz Ansari AND food travel. He loves food and loves eating and talking about it. I know I just posted a video of him eating a few weeks ago, but this is in New Orleans. New Orleans, people!

Happy holidays!

Halfway through 2012 update

Can you believe we are already halfway through 2012? Hope everyone is having a fabulous year!

If you are a regular to this blog you know I have really been serious about running. I’m so happy I have gotten into it, I feel great and it’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment for me. Even my resolutions for the year revolved around running. I will soon run my 15k, which I will blog about shortly.

I’m taking the six-month mark of 2012 to reflect on the year and look forward to the rest of the year. This blog is about overall health and well-being, so I would like to share a few things I try to think about often to become a better person, and am sharing them with you. Today is the perfect day to check these out the first time or revisit them and make the second half of 2012 great.

  • 25 new things to do today. Great advice to go beyond the comfort zone. And many of these things we should probably all be doing anyway.
  • The 45 places to go in 2012. Have you been to any? Some of these places are on my short list; I think it’s time to start packing!
  • 99 things you can do for a better 2012. There is a PDF and this is printed and framed on my work desk.