This week in food

This next week has so many exciting food and drink events that I have to share them with you! I am super giddy, as I think all my favorite food and drink bases are covered. Best food and drink week ever? Best food and drink week ever!

Here are all the great things going on this week. What will you participate in?

Sunday: National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day KaleAndAle.comDifferent chains are having different deals. With Dunkin, you need the app to get the free drink, but it’s worth it for coupons and the store locator alone. As is Starbucks since you can pay with your phone and find stores. Hopefully there is a chain in your area on this list.

Tuesday: World Vegetarian Day

CSA2Every Oct. 1 is World Vegetarian Day, kicking off Vegetarian Awareness Month and ending with World Vegan Day. October is my favorite month for many reasons, and this is one of them. (Bonus: My CSA returns this day!)

Wednesday: National Kale Day

National Kale Day KaleAndAle.comImagine the surprise and excitement at KaleAndAle when I learned it is National Kale Day! I have never heard of this before so I was thrilled to hear about it just in time. According to the website, National Kale celebrates kale’s incredible health benefits, highlights kale’s culinary versatility, and promotes eating, growing and sharing kale.

Various days: Oktoberfest celebrations

Oktoberfest KaleAndAle.comSold! I love going to German bars and having the limited-edition Oktoberfest or trying American beer inspired by Oktoberfest. I love the polka and oompapa music that is played, the prost and merriment. I’m not ashamed of my love for mustard, pretzels and even sauerkraut. I’m proud of my German heritage.

Do you know of any other happenings or will you participate in any events? Please share! And if you Instagram any of these events, tag @KaleAndAle or share on the KaleAndAle Facebook page.

Friday links

How fun is this: Leftover Swap brings together those with an empty stomach and those with a full plate. I’m not sure I’m that trusting and germ-averse to try this. Would you give or eat leftovers?

Fast food and beer pairings. This just makes me laugh, but then my mind started wandering. What could I pair with Pei Wei Thai? Or, to keep it classier, 20 foreign words every beer drinker should know. There we go, that’s more like it.

Take a spin around the Farmer’s Market Recipe Generator. If you are a reader of Kale and Ale, you know I love Mark Bittman interactives, and this doe not disappoint.

How many cups of coffee is too much? If you are what I would consider even a medium coffee drinker, you don’t want to know. I didn’t like the answers. I honestly said “yikes’ aloud.

I’m all about not wasting anything, so I love these ways to use overripe fruit. When things start to go bad, I cut them up and freeze them, work them into a dip or make smoothies. How do you use food on the verge of going bad?

How fun is this video? I want a pretzel. With mustard. And a beer.

Friday links: Coffee

This week I started working different (earlier) hours at work. Already tight buddies before this, coffee has become my best friend this week. I need it to boost me into productivity. I turn to it mid-afternoon when I start to slump. We are close friends. Coffee is on my brain.

As you see, I’m a French Press gal. Other than that I keep it simple. Black, middle-of-the-road quality coffee. But I am interested in these 5 coffee splurges worth the price.

Or, if I make it through the day, I could celebrate with the alcoholic drink made from used coffee grounds. For some reason I’m not into coffee-flavored beer, so the most appealing thing about this story is the reusing the grounds.

I’m taking to the day hours pretty well. But if I get irritable, pass me a Grumppuccino.

Friday links

Welcome to the new blog! Hope you are loving it as much as I love the new space and look. If you see room for improvements or anything funky, please let me know. And enjoy. 🙂

Chocolate coffee shake

chocolate coffee crunch smoothieRunner’s World tweeted a link to post-run smoothies. One particular smoothie jumped out right away: Crunchy coffee fix. This blends (get it??? Instant rimshot time.) the two things I want after a run: Coffee and a smoothie.

Truth be told, I didn’t have this after a run. I had this as an afternoon treat during a running off day. But it worked really well for that. Especially since I had a salad for lunch, it was nice to have a little sweet treat in the afternoon. And that’s what is great about this smoothie. The chocolate, banana and almond are all present in this smoothie, giving it a nice balance and texture. It has things I always have on hand and can whip up after a run or as a healthy afternoon snack. And the foods work well together, as described in the Runner’s World post. The post also have recipes for a few other smoothies, including smoothies that are each savory, green and dessert-like. So check out the article yourself!

Crunchy coffee fix

1 large smoothie


  • 4 ounces chilled coffee
  • 4 ounces fat-free milk
  • 1 banana (preferably frozen), sliced
  • 2 tablespoons whole almonds
  • 2 teaspoons natural cocoa powder


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth.

What do you crave after a good workout?