Focus: Word of 2016

focus word of 2016

This week I noticed people talking about having a word of the year, so I inquired about it, as it’s a new concept to me. Have you heard of adopting a word of the year?

I really liked the idea and how it built on my 2016 goals. I’m still working on the goals, but love boiling what I want to work on—in all aspects of life—down to one word. Like setting an intention in yoga—something that means a lot to me—I want to choose a word that fits into all aspects of life. Like a phrase that speaks to me, “this is where I am now,” the best word to sum up my hopes for the year is “focus.” I want to apply this to all aspects of my life.

With focus I hope to:

  • Be in the present at all times
  • Realize what needs to be done to achieve the future I want
  • Prioritize in all parts of life

I make lists, multitask and sometimes overextend myself, not fully giving any one thing my attention. I know that’s not fair to any one thing or person. A bad habit I’m working on breaking is saying “what” when someone says something, not because I didn’t hear or understand, but because I was doing something else so it takes an extra second to process.

By focusing on one thing at a time I can give that my full attention. I’m looking forward to incorporating more focus into my life and remembering my intention for 2016.

Do you have a word of the year? How do you pick your it or how does it impact you through the year?