Friday Links

Hope everyone had a great week. It’s supposed to be 50 and sunny in the Twin Cities this weekend, so how can’t it be wonderful?

Did you get President’s Day off? I had never heard of that beyond banks and the post office until I moved to Minnesota, but I got it off, so I’m not complaining. What would you do with an extra day off?

I spent the afternoon brewing my second batch of beer, a clone to Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. We are adding even more hops to the already hoppy beer, so this could be interesting. It’s fermenting like crazy.

Fresh squished homebrew | Kale and Ale

Beyond that, here are some links I’m into:

It’s from October but I’m just now seeing 50 best hikes in the world. It’s really motivating me to plan another trip. I’ve hiked Angle’s Landing and have a few more on my wish list, what about you?

RELATED: Last year I hiked Zion and Grand Canyon.

This month’s Bon Appetit is all about food culture, including ways dining has changed since 2000.

2016 James Beard Award semifinalists have been announced. Have you been to any of these restaurants or will you based on the awards? I seriously want to visit San Francisco just to walk around, eat and drink, and things like this only make it more so.

What have you been reading/eating/enjoying this week?

Friday Links

Cheers to 2015!

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It feels like I just took this picture on New Year’s Eve, but 2015 is drawing to a close. But don’t be sad, in an almost-Festivus miracle, Friday links are back and it’s a year-end-slash-holiday edition. That makes me want to celebrate with a cute antipasti platter to look like a wreath. How simple and adorable is that?!?! I think I might be doing it next week.

#Regram from @tonalitydesigns. This antipasti platter is perfect for holiday parties! Share how you’re celebrating by using #BHGCelebrate.

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I would love to head out of the new year sipping the cranberry ginger Moscow mule from Beard and Bonnet. With the flavors of cranberry, vanilla, citrus and ginger it seems like the perfect winter balance drink. I think I’ll be trying this soon and get back to you! 

True. Ps Official Fan Video for Can You Blame Me out today… Link in bio.

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I love the above picture the band Matt and Kim posted this week. Why? Because TRUTH! That’s pretty much the definition of hangry. Familiar with the word? If you don’t know it you need to read “The Top New Food Words of 2015” from The New York Times. If you do know this word, you definitely need to read the article and see what terms you might not know (I hadn’t even heard of some of these terms).

Don’t forget to read about my year in review of food.

What great food things have you eaten, read about or seen recently?


Friday links

Vegan restaurants in Miami (which barely seem like a thing) step it up a notch.

22 problems only foodies understand has me laughing because it’s true. Even from No. 1 (the never-ending need to try new food) I was laughing and nodding in agreement. How many do you recognize with?


2006: Heirloom Tomatoes One of the first status symbols of the new foodie elite.

2006: Heirloom Tomatoes
One of the first status symbols of the new foodie elite.

The trendiest vegetables of the last 50 years is a fun look back at how long some things have been hot. More so than the veggies is the snarky descriptions about them.

24 essential kitchen tricks and tips. If you follow the blog, I’m sure you have seen mention some of these (No. 7: Freeze liquids in usable portions), but there are always new ones to add. What is your favorite kitchen trick?

Have a great, long weekend! I know I’ll be enjoying a shandy or two with summer beers before going full-force into pumpkin ales!

Friday links: Sweets

This week I had to share some of the amazing desserts I’ve seen recently. Not much for sweets, I appreciate a good treat now and again. But these treats just look so good, I have to share. Seriously, how cute and creative are all these treats?!? I love the cookie monster treats and have similar cupcakes on my Pinterest because to this day I still love the cookie monster cake I had for my fourth birthday. I got a tricycle that year, too. Pretty solid birthday.

What’s the coolest treat you have made or eaten?

Cookie Monster cupcakes my friend made, inspired by Pinterest

Cookie Monster cupcakes my friend made, inspired by Pinterest

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse red velvet cake treats, modeled after the red lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse red velvet cake treats, modeled after the red lighthouse

Cap'n Crunch Cheesecake from Big Bear Brewing Company

Cap’n Crunch Cheesecake from Big Bear Brewing Company

Friday links: Coffee

This week I started working different (earlier) hours at work. Already tight buddies before this, coffee has become my best friend this week. I need it to boost me into productivity. I turn to it mid-afternoon when I start to slump. We are close friends. Coffee is on my brain.

As you see, I’m a French Press gal. Other than that I keep it simple. Black, middle-of-the-road quality coffee. But I am interested in these 5 coffee splurges worth the price.

Or, if I make it through the day, I could celebrate with the alcoholic drink made from used coffee grounds. For some reason I’m not into coffee-flavored beer, so the most appealing thing about this story is the reusing the grounds.

I’m taking to the day hours pretty well. But if I get irritable, pass me a Grumppuccino.