Last-minute gift: Holiday infused vodkas

Infused vodka | Kale and AleAfter coming across a festive cranberry-lime infused vodka (on where else, Pinterest!), I knew that would be a great gift for my friends who enjoyed my infused vodka post. I found cute airtight bottles at Crate and Barrel, and Ikea has something similar.

I made cranberry-lime vodka for Christmas and blueberry-lemon vodka for Hanukkah, but any combo that sounds good with the colors you want would work. (For example, strawberry-basil vodka would also work for Christmas, or use your friend’s favorite colors or flavors.)

If using berries, prick each berry with a fork or knife and put into the bottle. Every so often put a twist of citrus in the bottle until it’s almost full (only using about half the citrus peel per bottle — it’s strong!). Put about two tablespoons sugar in the bottle to cut the tartness and fill with vodka. Seal and put it in the refrigerator until you are ready to give it to the lucky recipient. The vodka quickly changed from clear to the color of the berry used, but the vodka will need about a week to be fully infused.

I included some drink recipes with the gifts, but just about any infused vodka would be good with tonic water, orange juice (or many other juices), lemonade, ginger ale or citrus soda, to name a few mixers.