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Podcasts for communications professionals | Kale and Ale

Note: This isn’t a lifestyle post, per se. However, as a lifestyle blogger and professional in the communications field, I’m sharing this for the many other bloggers and communications professionals in my personal sphere. If this isn’t you but you’re into information, I hope this is helpful. Let me know if this type of post is OK in the comments below.

A longtime occasional listener of podcasts, following the popularity of Serial a few years ago solidified my interest. I started to expand what I listened to. Now, so many outlets and bloggers are podcasting, that it’s easy to find something based on your interests.

To listen more effectively, I had to organize my podcasts. I tried a few different things, but I’ve found using the Stitcher radio app to work best for me. I can listen on mobile or desktop and can easily subscribe, search for new and popular content and listen with an easy interface and experience. Below, you can see my desktop setup and some podcasts I follow.

Stitcher Radio app desktop | Kale and Ale

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As a communications professional, I really enjoy podcasts about learning, business, technology, news and marketing or social media. My goal listening to podcasts is to learn something new in one of those fields, and the below podcasts all fit that bill. The podcasts I listen to and why I listen, broken into communications and news, include:

Communications Podcasts

The Science of Social MediaActionable insights you can implement right away, with topics about changes in social media that are timely.

Social ProsFind out how different companies and businesses are achieving results through social media.

Social Media MarketingFrom the people behind the popular Social Media Examiner website, this podcast looks at social media and marketing tips and success stories.

Being BossAimed at creative freelancers, it covers a variety of topics on how to handle being a freelancer, what to expect and how to succeed.

News Podcasts

Radiolab: Radiolab is more difficult to describe that it feels it should be. It’s about science, but so much more than that, mixing news, fact and everything about us and going on around us.

Serial: Serial is a serialized story, going over different themes or aspects with deep investigative reporting on a topic that isn’t finished or closed.

Freakonomics RadioBased off the books of the same name, the podcast tells us about ourselves and why things are the way they are.

TED Radio HourBased off those engaging and thought-provoking TEDTalks we have all watched, each episode is a person talking about a topic. Sure to expand your mind.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Pop culture news, discussions, interviews and information in a fun, relaxed format that makes you feel like you are part of the conversation.

How I Built This: A look at how people built the success they have today.

This American LifeEach episode has a theme of something in the news currently, with different angles and stories within the episode that give a very human face to the discussion.

Did you find this helpful or do you have a podcast to suggest? Leave a note in comments below. I plan to write a post about blogs I follow; list any you enjoy.

San Antonio, Texas

Texas Cupcakes | Kale and AleI recently was able to travel to San Antonio, Texas, for the first time. It was a quick, busy work trip, so I didn’t have much free or personal time. However, I was lucky enough to be staying right on the River Walk, so I could easily enjoy a few outdoor walks and meals—a nice escape to temps in the upper 70s and sunny instead of about 30 and cloudy back at home.


When I go on work trips I look forward to new and different beers. This was not the trip of that, though. Those were few and far between. One the stood out was the St. Arnold Endeavor, a double IPA. If you like doubles and see this, get it. It was a hint of sweet fruitiness and the right hoppy balance. I had a few other IPAs, but nothing to mention.

Regarding food in San Antonio, in a group of five it was me (a vegetarian trying to eat vegan as much as possible) and two people who can’t have gluten, and very few restaurants seemed able to accommodate or understand our dietary needs. This blows my mind as I assumed any restaurant on the River Walk or near the convention center where I was would be more service oriented and knowledgeable and able to accommodate. To be fair, we went to a restaurant, Boudro’s, that was good but the server wasn’t, so that was too bad. But my meal was excellent and made vegan with the lack of cheese: a portobello tostado with jicama slaw and black bean puree.

Boudro's Portobello Tostado | Kale and Ale

Portobello Tostado from Boudro’s

Have you been to San Antonio? Was your experience better?

Texas Social Media

The real star of the Texas experience was before and after I was in Texas, though. I tweeted I was going to be in San Antonio and asked for beer recommendations. No hashtag, no @ sign.

A week later @TexasTourism responded, asking me to direct message them information and they would send me beer suggestions and other fun things for my trip. Talk about doing it right! I was pleasantly surprised, bit when I got my goodies I was blown away. It was full-on swag, Texas does it big: a neck pillow, speakers, Post-It notes, a nice notepad with a personal note.

San Antonio Texas | Kale and Ale

Big swag from Texas

This was impressive. The fact Texas Tourism has people and resources to making a more memorable trip for people already going to Texas is impressive. It shows how how far hospitality and branding goes for them, and I will definitely use the items, which are all branded with the Texas logo, getting their name out there even more.

What is the best example of marketing you have seen?