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A selection of my cookbooks.

As much as I love recipe creation and experimenting in the kitchen, I also love trying recipes from established cookbook authors, as they are solid recipes of different flavor profiles than I might typically cook.

This is why I’m starting a new series focusing on cookbook reviews. Some will be new releases, some might be well-worn and loved cookbooks. Stay tuned, I have a cookbook giveaway planned soon and will share recipes in the cookbooks. Sign up for the Kale and Ale newsletter to stay updated.

Meantime, check out “11 New Vegetarian (and Veg-Friendly!) Cookbooks to Check Out Now” from Oh My Veggies.

Are you a cookbook/recipe loyalist or do you wing it in the kitchen? What is your favorite cookbook?

If you have any cookbooks you would like to see reviewed, post a comment below or email me at about it. If you have review copies of cookbooks you would like me to review, please contact

Review: Craftapped Craft Beer Community

Craftapped gave me a three-month membership at no charge to review it’s service, which focuses on connecting craft beer lovers in the Twin Cities with venues. All opinions are my own. Site contains affiliate links where I earn a free beer voucher if you sign up using my link.


Craftapped is a social revolution built by beer lovers, for beer lovers.” That’s the slogan, and it’s quickly clear it’s how they really feel. Craftapped is a new service available in the Twin Cities area that allows you to try beers at area partner establishments (bars, taprooms and restaurants). With the program, subscribers get four vouchers a month, each good for one free beer that can be used at a different location, with new locations constantly being added. In addition, there are many member happy hours where Craftapped provides the first beer. I’m going to my first member event tomorrow (Thursday), so if you’re at Wicked Wort, please say hi! Join here to get in on the fun.

I’m into my second month of membership and it’s great. One month is $9.99 with one month free. No fewer than eight beers for less than $10, the happiest hour (er, two months) in the Twin Cities! The best part is that with the membership you have to redeem at a variety of places. While I love exploring new venues, it’s very easy to get stuck in old habits. But with Craftapped vouchers in hand, I have no excuse not to explore that restaurant in St. Paul or tap room in Northeast that I haven’t been to yet. No excuse, yes beer.

Craftapped voucher

Photo courtesy Craftapped

One warm Saturday I visited Bauhaus Brew Lab for the first time and headed to a nearby taproom, Indeed, which I haven’t been to in far too long but I like. Two free beers in one neighborhood! I’m planning to use a warm weekend day and my vouchers in March as a reason to explore Wayzata.

RELATED: Day trip to Waconia, where a few member establishments are reviewed.

Thanks to Craftapped for getting me out there trying new establishments and beers. It’s great to have this service available in such a beer-forward area, and I love the idea of bringing the beer lovers of our community together. If you would like to try Craftapped, check it out and get started here. Gift subscriptions are also available.

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