Friday links

First thing first, my new jam. This is my fave song in a long time, and the perfect workout song. So do me a favor and let this play while you check out the links. I’m a huge Daft Punk fan and just can’t sit still when they come on. What song always gets you dancing?

  • This is so me: 11 ways to eat oats when you don’t like oatmeal  I don’t dislike oats, I dislike oatmeal (I think it’s the texture) so that’s why I love recipes like the baked oatmeal I made this week.
  • A map for urban foraging! I see things all the time when I’m running and think I could make a whole salad out of things I find on my run sometimes.
  • One of my favorite healthy eaters and food writers, Mark Bittman, has a new column for The New York Times about his flexitarian lifestyle. He is “vegan before 6” and eats a sensible dinner. Should be a great column.