Friday links

Timely, for college grads and a lot of adults I know: 11 Cooking Skills Every College Grad Should Master. Even I skimp out on number two, which is probably terrible since I have a food blog. What one (or two, three, etc.) do you most need to work on? Share it in the comments below.

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Worth a mention: 19 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians in Minneapolis and St. Paul. What is your favorite or one you are really looking forward to checking out?

” Paying attention to food’s relationship with nature and humanity allows us to connect with each other on a very fundamental level.” That’s how one writer describes food’s relationship beyond just nourishing our bodies. I believe this concept so much, and as one who loves the stories behind things and anthropology, food gives me both. This is such an important concept and reminder. Read how cooking documentaries (and the meals we make) are about life.

And have you heard about the Delray Beach, Florida, brewery that made edible rings for the six packs? I’m sure you have since my two biggest reader demographics are South Floridians and beer drinkers, but just in case. Saltwater Brewery created an edible beer ring to help sea animals stay safe. My heart is so warm to read this, I see it as a win-win for all involved. Watch the very well done video about it.

Saltwater Brewery “Edible Six Pack Rings” from We Believers on Vimeo.