Review: Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

Yogi surprise subscription box | Kale and AleNote: I received the items in this blog post at no charge to me to review. However, all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

Let me be honest: I’m hesitant of subscription boxes.

A little explanation: The idea of subscription boxes is fun. You pay a fee and once per determined time (usually monthly) you get a box curated to your likes and interests delivered. It’s filled with things like samples, new products and other things that fit in the genre of the box. My hesitation is that I’m paying for things I can’t pick, so I might be stuck with items I don’t need or want. Food boxes make the most sense, but what if it doesn’t fit my diet or taste profile? (You sound fun in theory, coconut chips.)

When Yogi Surprise offered me a recent subscription box to review, I was cautiously optimistic. But when I received the box only a few days later-which was a fun, pleasant surprise itself-I was very pleased with what I saw. When I opened it it did feel slightly like the healthy living version of Christmas morning, I let out an audible noise of excitement seeing the contents of the box. My box (which isn’t the current box) contained (with my thoughts following the item):

  • Italian Zest flavored flax crackers: Really good flavor and texture, and loved that they can stand on their own or well with dips and hummus.
  • Yoga mat intentions: Not something I would use (the most disappointing thing, but still not that bad), but good in theory. I will save this as a gift or a freebie for the right person when he or she wins something on my blog. (Note: That’s something I try to do with extra freebies.)
  • The Chakra Bible: Something I need to spend more time with, and I wouldn’t buy myself (because I would see it as an indulgence) but I love that it’s included and I will use it.
  • Adora Mood-Boost Chakra roll on: This tranquility scent is perfect before bed to clear my head and give me a restful night of sleep.
  • Mavi Bandz headband: Hands down the best workout headband I’ve ever owned, for a variety of reasons: It’s never once slipped out of place (I’ve used it running, hiking, yoga, etc.), it can be adjusted, and it’s fun and comfortable. My favorite item in the box, and I would buy more when I need more headbands.
  • Kitchen Herbs Organic Seed Collection: Because I already had herbs in my garden I didn’t plant these, but it’s fun for people who don’t have room and it’s the right market for anyone receiving the box.

Get Your Own Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

While this particular box isn’t available any longer, it shows what you can expect every month. For the price I (at minimum) received that value of products that I would enjoy. And it really seems tailored toward and geared for the right market of yogis (natural, health-conscious, concerned about ingredients and production). I really liked the box and would get it again.

Based on a unique theme each month, there are two monthly subscription boxes from which to choose. The “Lifestyle Box” features 6-8 full-size yoga lifestyle items with a snack that’s vegetarian and GMO-Free. Chakra healing stones, aromatherapy, natural products for hair and skin, yoga accessories, delicious treats and more are a few of the items found in the Lifestyle Box. At a retail value of $70, the monthly subscription price is only $44.95. The Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box subscription consists of 2 handmade pieces + 1 organic treat. Beautiful malas, handcrafted bracelets, and necklaces represent a sampling of what’s included in the monthly jewelry box. Chosen for their beauty and balancing energy, these items collectively retail for over $65 but have a monthly subscriber fee of $24.99/month.

Interested? Use this link to get 15% off your first Yogi Surprise box and see for yourself why it’s my subscription box of choice. If you get it, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

First yoga class hotyoga

I survived my first hot yoga class

Today I took my first yoga class. Ever. And it was a hot yoga class. And I kinda liked it a good amount. Crazy, right? I have vinyasa’d to yoga videos and the Wii fit in the comfort of my own home. I’ve always been very flexible. But for some reason or another (lack of confidence, somewhat laziness) I never took a class.

Yesterday, my friend Kim, who had a Groupon, invited me to her studio. I have wanted to start going to yoga classes so, even though it was hot yoga a ways from my house, I said yes to get myself out there.  I was uncertain for many reasons. Could I handle hot yoga if I am not a fan of working out in the heat? Would I know the poses and be able to keep up? Would I like it? The answer to all of these, thankfully, was yes, and I am really glad I went. I pushed myself to start something I have wanted to do and was more successful than I imagined.

This was not to say it was all a cake walk. But I went to be pushed and get a workout. And although I have always known this, being in a class setting made me really aware that I am very flexible and not great with balance. That is something I want to improve at. In fact, the two main draws of taking a yoga class as opposed to doing it in my living room are to get better at the balance poses (as opposed to, say, skipping over them on a video) and making sure with an instructor that I am doing the poses the right way. I did get some guidance on a pose today, and that was great.

I plan to continue yoga classes. Maybe not at this studio only because the location is not convenient, but in general. I know a few places that are better for my location and schedule and I look forward to getting into a yoga routine.

Friday links

I’ll just jump in and start with the most important link: How to roll a burrito. Luckily, I have a lot to be thankful for with my dad this Father’s Day, but one thing he passed down to me that I have successfully passed along to others come from his days working at Taco Kid in high school. Because of him, I’ve always successfully wrapped burritos and wraps. For those of you who weren’t taught how to do it, here is a quick vid:


Running update: Beyond running

I have been so busy getting this blog settled into its new home and living life and training for my runs, I haven’t been blogging much. I hope to change that, starting now with catching you up on two runs I did.

Three weeks ago I did my second 10k. It was a little more hilly than my first 10k and a lot more humid. But considering this, I was happy with how I felt and my time. We ran through a golf course and nice homes in North Palm Beach. Then we ate breakfast on Singer Island; good times.

Kim, Val, food and running. Can't beat it.

Kim, Val, food and running. Can’t beat it.

Yesterday I did a 5k in Jupiter with friends from work. I was sold by the fact friends were running and that I heard it was a well-organized smaller race that includes a great, free breakfast at the end. Sold. And it didn’t disappoint. It was fun hanging out with friends and doing a new race, but thinking my 10k was humid was nothing. This was very humid. And because of that and feeling cold and stiff during my past few runs, I didn’t run the time/speed I was hoping. Instead of making excuses (well, ok, after making excuses yesterday) I decided I am really going to step up my training plan. This probably will be near the last race for me before summer hits. I would like to run another race or two, but if it’s getting so humid already, I’m not sure I have it in me. Unless anyone is running something fun, I can be persuaded.

Training plan: So now that these races are behind me, I’m really going to focus on training for speed. I had mostly trained for distance in the past, but I know I can do a 10k ok and to get faster for both, I need to focus on speed. In addition, I am going to work on more non-running things, specifically core and leg workouts. I think I just need to tone and strengthening will give me more speed and endurance. Maybe I’ll get back to yoga for runners more, too. Those are my main goals for the summer, starting by looking at all the Pinterest workouts I have saved. But if anyone has a good plan to improve 5k speed for someone running about 20 months, I’m up for that. Unfortunately the training plan for MapMyRun, the app I use, is only for iPhone and I’m an Android girl.

What active things did you do this weekend? It’s that perfect time of year where it’s not super hot down south and starting to warm up north of here.